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Q&A: Automatically showing image names in weaverPix captions

Recently, a weaverPix user emailed in: Gregory, I realize one can add captions to weaverPix images by using a TXT file. Im trying to request something else: is there a way to automatically display the name of the image file? Heres why: I have a big collection of photos (old scans) that Im having... Read more.

I am proud and excited to announce that I will be joining Todd Garland @toddo and the team at @buysellads. Who is (BSA) is a platform that connects web publishers (those who produce content) with web advertisers. For a web publisher, in my opinion,... Read more.

XCode and Git

A short while ago @loghound posted a tweet about a github script to automatically integrate your git revision with XCode. I have added the file path as a variable and the short (7 character) revision number of the git repo. echo "Determining revision information" file=${SRCROOT}/GitVersions.h revnu... Read more.

Apress = Horrible eBooks

UPDATE: Apress support was terrific. They promptly replied (via Fogbugz, very nice) and refunded my money. No questions asked! Thanks Apress but please work on these eBook issues! I just purchased my first eBook from Apress and I am extremely dissatisfied. I won’t even link to their site I am... Read more.

Pro-tip: Manage your php.ini in RapidWeaver

One of the most common questions I get for weaverFM is: What is a php.ini file? Why do I want to use a php.ini file? How do I create a php.ini file? The answers are: A php.ini file is a configuration file for php. It can be used to configure php at runtime. Therefore, you can override settings s... Read more.

Installing UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) in Debian Lenny

To install UFW in Debian 5.0 (Lenny) there are a couple gotchas that you will hit along the way. UFW requires Python 2.5 or greater. UFW requires make UFW does NOT automatically start at boot even though it says it does. Here are the commands I ran on a clean install (as root). Update your pac... Read more.

Pro-tip: Prep your images for the web

I am asked fairly often how someone can best prepare their images for the web. The answer is fairly simple, you should reduce the file size as much as possible without impacting quality. One tool to do this on the Mac is an open source applicationcalled ImageOptim. ImageOptim is a GUI front-end for... Read more.

Site of the Week - Seth's Blog

Link: Site of the Week - Seth's Blog Seth is also the author of a book in my queue, Linchpin: Are youIndispensable? Why should you check it out? Seth provides a very interesting point of view on business and markets. My recent favorite is his take on Consumer Debt. Basically, as Seth puts it He... Read more.

weaverPix 2.0b2 public beta!

I’d like to thank the loyal newsletter subscribers who submitted bug reports. All of those who reported bugs should see them fixed (including those pesky IE7/8 ones). Download weaverPix 2.0now! Should you find your bug hasn’t been fixed or you find a new one, please let meknow. Versio... Read more.

Site of the Week - Dribbble

Dribbble is a fascinating site for the graphically inclined to show off teasers of their latest creations. What makes dribbble unique is that uploads are limited to 400 x 300px. This makes you choose your teasers very carefully! Be sure to check out one frequent contributor, Toxinide, who has taken... Read more.