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Easy peasy Sitemap submissions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the practice of optimizing your website so people may find it in on the web, is an important part of your site. One critical part of SEO is your Sitemap. The Sitemap is important because it details the organization and layout of the pages on your site. This map is t... Read more.

Fabric on Demand on Chillidog

Did you ever think RapidWeaver was just a hobby? Dont tell that to our friends over at FabricOnDemand! FOD has managed to build their entire online business using only RapidWeaver and Chillidog Hosting! FabricOnDemand turns your designs into prints on one of their many different fabric choices. All... Read more.

Chillidogs and 350Cheesestraws make a yummy dish

I truly enjoy seeing what users are doing on Chillidog Hosting. Last week, however, I had the pleasure of not just seeing but tasting as well! 350Cheestraws is a small company from North Carolina baking these delicious cheese straws. I must admit, at first, I had no idea what a Cheesestraw was. As i... Read more.

Integrity - Website Link Checker

In the process of revamping my sites, I came across a great tool called Integrity. Integrity will scan your website and report: Bad links Broken images Self links (#) This tool has, quite literally, saved me hours and hours of testing. My development process would look something li... Read more.

Weekly Townhall

Id like to hear what you think. Thats why I am starting a Weekly Town hall hangout on Tuesdays at 2PM EST (GMT -5). I will tweet a hangout URL @chillidoghostshortly beforehand so please follow. Please feel free to drop by, show us your site, ask a hosting question, give us your best WOOF or just sa... Read more.

Full Woof ahead! Chillidog Software is live!

In response to our continued growth and subsequentfan mail, I'd like to finally take the wraps off of our new name and icon, Chillidog Software(and Chillidog Hosting)! This new site is inspired, in large part, by our new puppy Penny (pictured below). Many thanks to Will and Jord for their fantastic... Read more.

Great collection of .htaccess tricks and resources

This is a great collection of common .htaccess tricks and resources. Everything from the simple redirect to password protection.... Read more.

The upgrades are coming! The upgrades are coming!

It's been a long road, and we're almost there. We are almost ready to reveal (officially) our new name and give everyone those oh so sweet upgrades! The planned upgrade date is: Sunday, September 29, 2013 2PM EST Since this new name will mean a new URL, let's take a moment to review the game plan... Read more.

We've grown too big for our own mug!

Well, we have done it! We have grown too big for our own good. Oracle, a multi-national billion dollar organization, has sent us a cease and desist over the use of trademark of Java in the names Javabean Hosting and Javabean Software. As a result, we must respect their wishes and stop using these na... Read more.

10 Steps Towards Improving RapidWeaver SEO

Will Woodgate's advice on improving your RapidWeaver SEO.... Read more.