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90 days of Backups on Ice

Every year we should try to improve and do a little better than the last. That is why, effective January 1, 2013, we will be improving our backup strategy to include 90 days worth of retention. Let's take a few minutes to review our backup strategy. Server snapshots (daily & weekly) Every day,... Read more.

Google Apps - From free to less for free and finally none for free

Google has officially killed Google Apps for Business' free option. Previously, businesses were allowed 10 users for free. Finally, Google has removed the free tier entirely. ... Read more.

Scheduled Maintenance on December 12th and 13th

I just received word from my upstream provider that there will be scheduled maintenance on December 12th and 13th. The maintenance only covers one Javabean Hosting name servers at a time. As a result, this should cause zero downtime for your sites. The maintenance schedule is as follows: ns1:Wednes... Read more.

New (free) RapidWeaver theme from Themeflood

Will, the web designerextraordinaire behind, made a new RapidWeaver theme called Pixie that he will be releasing for free to the community. He has kindly given me permission to release it to my newsletter subscribers first! Please check out the first screenshots of Pixie and be sure... Read more.

WeaverPix 3 a.k.a The tale of this coffee addicted developers quest for brilliant slideshows without frustrating the h*ll out of the user

In 2009, my coffee hardened veins and I produced WeaverPix v1.0. The very firstslideshow plugin that ran without Adobe Flash.This meant that, unlike the built in Slideshow, WeaverPix ran on the (then) new iPhones!It was welcomed in the RapidWeaver community with open arms and empty mugs. Proud? Yes... Read more.

Have you heard? Pingdom's the word.

Have you heard? Pingdom is the word. Pingdom is a response and uptime monitoring tool. In a nutshell, Pingdom allows you to monitor is your site is available and how fast it loads. It is very important, however, to enter the proper URL for your site. For instance, with Javabean Hosting, all request... Read more.

Javabean Software Newsletter

Sign up for my (new) Newsletter covering various topics around the web including RapidWeaver, hosting, and the upcoming launch of Read more.

New Flavored Roast - CloudFlare Now Available

In order to continue to bring RapidWeaver users the very best hosting, it is with great pleasure to announce a new flavored roast at Javabean Hosting,CloudFlare! What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which specializes in the delivery, optimization, and security of webs... Read more.

Javabean strength espresso pods

These espresso pods are about the right size for us (give or take a shot).... Read more.

Labor Day Sale - Let us labor over hosting

In honor of the hard work you put into your website andLabor Day, let Javabean Hosting labor over hosting your websites. Sign up any time between Sunday, September 2, 2012 00:00 GMT and Tuesday, September 4, 2012 00:00 GMT and, for all of your handwork, choose your own reward. Please choose one of a... Read more.