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Today I am launching a new site for the RapidWeaver community, WeaverTips. The goal of this site is simple, provide short animations covering a variety of topics around RapidWeaver. Initially, most of the content is centered around Stacks but I look forward to expanding the content over time. If you... Read more.

What Did You Have For Lunch Today?

I remember, but thats because food is one of my vices, and I will travel the distance for amazing food. Truth: around 2003 I convinced Greg to go on a 2-hour road trip for ice cream with me. We often take simple things for granted -- like having the ability to recall what we had for lunch today. (I... Read more.

Happy 2nd Birthday Penny!

WOOF! Last year, we were planning to celebrate our Lead Woof Agent Pennys 1st birthday by sharing some of her favorite homemade treats with the Chillidog community. Unfortunately, Pennys first birthday was a "dud" because she was sick, and we spent 2 months trying to get her back to health. So t... Read more.

Take the SEO Lead by going Local

Many sites I see on Chillidog Hosting are restaurants, stores, and other small business. That's why this great webinar by Portent is a must watch. In this webinar, Portent examines how you can jump to the top of search engine rankings with the help of Local Search. You and your clients will most cer... Read more.

New Chillidog Unblock Module Makes Hosting Safer and Easier

One of the biggest challenges in hosting is keeping you safe. This is one of the highest priorities of Chillidog Hosting. The question is, however, how do we keep you safe in a way that is as transparent as possible for you? In other words, how do we keep you safe while keeping everything as easy to... Read more.

GridIron Supercharges Spreadsheets in RapidWeaver

There has been a strong push within the RapidWeaver community to provide a way for users to update their site's content outside of RapidWeaver. By leveraging your Google account, GridIron makes this easy without any subscriptions or recurring fees. Simply make changes to your spreadsheets as normal... Read more.

Use DaisyDisk to find what's filling your RapidWeaver doggy bowl

Adding images, videos and other resources to your site can make your RapidWeaver project file a little bloated. Using DaisyDisk, however, it's easy to figure out what pages in your project are consuming the most disk space. This allows you to dive deep into your site to trim and optimize every page'... Read more.

Lock your doggy doors, Google prefers SSL sites

Google has made a big announcement recently that will soon affect everyone's SEO strategy. There are, however, some things to keep in mind: At the moment, this affects very few queries. In fact, this it is currently fewer than 1% This is not considered a very strong signal for SEO. Good content is... Read more.

Chillidog takes a Bite out of Hosting

At Chillidog Hosting, I work hard to make the hosting experience a simple and, hopefully, enjoyable experience. Part of this experience is building tools that are simple and easy to use. That's why we are proud to debut our new billing system. The UI is now cleaner, 100% responsive, and retina-ready... Read more.

Verify your Google Webmaster Dog Tag RapidWeaver

Google Webmaster Tools is a free suite of tools provided to help you build better sites. To utilize these tools, however, you must verify that you own the site. Thankfully, this is simple and easy to do. Verify your site using a HTML file To begin, in Webmaster tools, choose to verify your site... Read more.