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GridIron Supercharges Spreadsheets in RapidWeaver

There has been a strong push within the RapidWeaver community to provide a way for users to update their site's content outside of RapidWeaver. By leveraging your Google account, GridIron makes this easy without any subscriptions or recurring fees. Simply make changes to your spreadsheets as normal and watch as your site is instantly updated1. Your clients will rejoice.

With the recent update to v2.3, GridIron now officially supports the new spreadsheet format. The new spreadsheet format is faster, supports larger datasets, and is a breadth of fresh air to function junkies like yours truly. The big power, however, is in the Add-ons. The new (and only the new!) spreadsheets support a suite of powerful add-ons that allow you to connect with an integrate various data sources directly into your spreadsheet.

Google Spreadsheet add-ons

Grab Grid Iron v2.3 now. It's also a free update for all v2 users!

Your top dog, Greg

[1]: GridIron may cache your spreadsheet to increase page speed and performance. This delays updates from appearing on your site until the cache expires.