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New Chillidog Unblock Module Makes Hosting Safer and Easier

One of the biggest challenges in hosting is keeping you safe. This is one of the highest priorities of Chillidog Hosting. The question is, however, how do we keep you safe in a way that is as transparent as possible for you? In other words, how do we keep you safe while keeping everything as easy to use as possible.

In order to balance security and ease of use, we've developed a smarter and faster Unblock module. This module is new and exclusive to Chillidog Hosting and built based on your feedback! This new module allows us to:

  1. Automatically Unblock you by simply logging in your billing account
  2. Provide you with help and guidance on the reason for the block
  3. Allow you to easily search for another IP address to see if that IP is blocked
  4. Automatically whitelist you for 2 weeks to allow you to continue to access the server and fix any set up or configuration issues

A new smarter and faster unban module keeps you safe and makes your life easier.

For the curious, here's just one example of an attack that we see on a regular basis: # lfd: (VN/Vietnam/, 10 distributed ftpd attacks on account [test] in the last 3600 secs - Tue Aug  5 02:56:21 2014

We hope you find this new Unblock module a healthy balance between safety and ease of use. Please continue to send us your feedback.

Your top dog, Greg