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2011 Year in Review

weaverPix WeaverPix, the little slideshow plugin that could, has been rapidly growing. 2011 proved to be a strong year for the plugin where we saw a lot of fun and exciting new features. For instance, 2011 brought new Flickr enhancements (v2.7.0 due soon!), the ability to generate thumbnails from... Read more.

Save 15% off of weaverPix via Themeflood

Themeflood users can now grab a 15% coupon off of weaverPix. To obtain the coupon code, head on over to Themeflood and grab one of their great themes. The coupon code is now included with all of Themeflood's email receipts. Happy weaving!... Read more.

Attn: OEM Software Scam

It recently came to my attention that companies are trying to sell my software at a discounted price. They claim to be "OEM" versions of my software. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I do not have any OEM licensees of my software. The only way to obtain a valid license to weaverFM, weaverBox or weaverPi... Read more.

SPF isn't just for sunscreen; Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for Email

Basically, SPF is a way for mail servers to verify that the sender of an email is authorized. This is a popular way to fight spammers who spoof the email address to make it look like it comes from you. From Wikipedia: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is anemail validation system designed to prevente... Read more.

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

A nice starter guide published by the company that puts the SE in SEO.... Read more.

RWAutomatorActions on github

I have consolidated my Automator actions into a single git repository on github. At the moment these actions include: RWAddonsInstaller An AppleScript droplet that installs .rwplugins, .stacks, .wfmthemes, and (hopefully soon) .wbtheme files. clear-rapidweaver-cache An Automator action to... Read more.

Easily clear RapidWeaver's publishing cache

Have you ever had RapidWeaver not upload some files for your site? In this post I present an Automator action that makes it easy to clear RapidWeaver's cache. NOTE: I would only recommend clearing cache if RapidWeaver is not uploading files for your site such as theme assets or recently added photo... Read more.