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Easily clear RapidWeaver's publishing cache

Have you ever had RapidWeaver not upload some files for your site? In this post I present an Automator action that makes it easy to clear RapidWeaver's cache.

NOTE: I would only recommend clearing cache if RapidWeaver is not uploading files for your site such as theme assets or recently added photos. I would not recommend doing this regularly since you will not be able to take advantage of RapidWeaver's smart publishing features.

  1. Download the open source Automator action from github.
  2. Click 'Go'
  3. There is no Step 3!

Technical details:

The Automator action will first see if RapidWeaver is running. If RapidWeaver is running, it will be asked to quit. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Please save your work and quit RapidWeaver before continuing. Finally, after RapidWeaver has quit, the directory ~/Library/Caches/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaverpro/ will be removed.



The Automator actions are now open source and available on github.