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Verify your Google Webmaster Dog Tag RapidWeaver

Google Webmaster Tools is a free suite of tools provided to help you build better sites. To utilize these tools, however, you must verify that you own the site. Thankfully, this is simple and easy to do.

Unverified site in Google Webmaster Tools

Verify your site using a HTML file

  1. To begin, in Webmaster tools, choose to verify your site using a HTML file Choose to verify your site using a HTML file

  2. In your RapidWeaver project, add a new HTML page type Add a HTML page type to your RapidWeaver project

  3. Paste the supplied code into the RapidWeaver page Enter HTML verification code in RapidWeaver HTML page

  4. Set the page name to the file name supplied by Google and location to / Change the page name and location in RapidWeaver according to the values supplied by Webmaster Tools

  5. Disable the RapidWeaver theme for the page Disable the theme on the page

  6. Re-publish!

After republishing your RapidWeaver site, try to verify your site in Webmaster Tools. It should now verify successfully.

Verify your site using a meta tag

  1. Choose to verify your site using a Meta tag Choose to verify your site using a Meta tag

  2. Using the RapidWeaver page inspector, add a meta tag to your homepage with name google-site-verification and content supplied by Google Add Google Webmaster meta tags to your RapidWeaver homepage

  3. Re-publish!

Successfully verified Chillidog Software

For simplicity, it is clear that the recommended method of verifying your site is to use the meta tag approach. Once completing either step, however, the full potential of Google's Webmaster tools will be at your finger tips including crawl errors, sitemap analysis and more!

Your top dog, Greg