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Upgrade all tables in a MySQL database to InnoDB

MySQL v5.5 changes the default storage engine to InnoDB. If you'd like to upgrade your tables from MyISM to InnoDB, here is a simple SQL query that will generate the necessary code to upgrade all tables in a single SQL database. SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 204800; SELECT GROUP_CONCAT('ALTER... Read more.

It's the cloud..

It's the cloud... Read more.

Race to the Top

This is a great quote on why Javabean Hosting isn't looking to race to the bottom. We're not looking to build something that isn't sustainable or disrespects customers. We are looking to deliver nothing short of the best for our users.... Read more.

Sad times for MySQL users

This doesn't bode well for MySQL users. Thankfully, Open Source advocates have been working on a drop in replacement called MariaDBwhich will prove incredibly valuable as MySQL becomes more closed source.... Read more.

Tying the knot - It's time for a wedding sale

Friday, August 10, 2012 I will finally take the leap from bachelorhood to married life.After almost 9 (yes, nine) years and 11 months my fianc and I will tie the knot. Although everyone can't join us there in person, we'd like you to celebrate with us. To celebrate our happiness, we would like to o... Read more.

It's the networks - Emergency Server Maintenance

I got last minute word from my upstream provider that they would need to perform emergency datacenter maintenance. The maintenance was scheduled to improve the datacenter's latency and redundancy. This morning we reported to our upstream provider higher than normal server loads. Although fluctuatio... Read more.

Obfuscate your Email

You should never, ever, publish your email as plain text on your site. This includes the use of mailto: links. Instead, use the encoder developed by hivelogic in a HTML area of your RW site. Although not fool proof, the encoder will generate some Javascript code to help hide your email from Spam Bot... Read more.

San IO Slow down examined

Like any good bug or problem, we started to hear (and see) reports of slow downs in page load times on Friday night. We investigated this and found that the data center we host our server in had a slow down in their SAN disk storage. This caused increased IO, server load, and page load times. Th... Read more.

4 oh 3 oh no - What was with all of those pesky 403 errors.

Over the weekend some users may have noticed that their site started to experience some 403 errors. I'd like to take a minute to explain what happened, how it was fixed, and what lessons were learned in the process. What happened? Recently, a user had complained that they were unable to add email... Read more.

Pro-tip: Improve your SEO results

A good read for individuals looking for ways to improve their SEO.... Read more.