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It's the networks - Emergency Server Maintenance

I got last minute word from my upstream provider that they would need to perform emergency datacenter maintenance. The maintenance was scheduled to improve the datacenter's latency and redundancy.

This morning we reported to our upstream provider higher than normal server loads. Although fluctuation in server load is normal, the amount of load on the server was significantly greater than normal. Typically we operate around 2% or less load but, when we examined the server this morning, we saw loads around 4 - 6%. This prompted us to investigate and raise concern with our upstream provider.

The yellow area below indicates where we noticed that the server load was above normal. We reported this to our upstream provider at this time. Not too long after, the issue escalated into the red zone. This prompted the upstream provider to perform emergency maintenance for the data center to address this.

Emergency maintenance

Sorry for any inconvenience this emergency maintenance may have caused. Rest assured that we take this downtime seriously. These fixes should provide better reliability and reduced network latency in the future.

Your barista, Greg