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Baby steps in SEO

I get a lot of questions about getting started with SEO. Here are the links we recommend for the beginners looking to learn a little more about the topic. The first is Google's webmaster tools. These tools give you feedback on your site and tell you how your site is performing. You can use the webm... Read more.

Say Cheers! with your own Javabean Hosting mug

When I say that Javabean Hosting is powered by coffee, I am only half joking. I love sitting at the nearest coffee shop, doing work, and sipping on a freshly brewed French press. As your Barista, I would love to share my enjoyment ofcoffee with you. This is why I am sending anyone who signs up or re... Read more.

404 Ads - One more reason for better hosting

Do you want or need another reason to ditch your cheap big box host? Check out the screenshot below of a user's 404 page. I have blurred out the user's site and the offending company. A lot of cheap shared hosts put ads on user's Parked Domain and 404 pages. It's partly why they're so... Read more.

JavabeanHosting upgrade, migration, and the last straw

As many JavabeanHosting users know, there was a FTP publishing problem that prevented users from updating their site. This occurred shortly after performing a server upgrade on Friday. I wanted to take a few moments to detail what happened, the changes I made, and how things are moving to ensure tha... Read more.

Javabean Swag from

I am excited to say that it has finally arrived, a generous gift from my awesome friends over at FabricOnDemand. FabricOnDemand will take your patterns, logos or other designs and, with a little magic, turn them into awesome t-shirts, blankets, quilts etc. How good are their magic elves? Let's take... Read more.

Use Multiple Sheets in Grid Iron

A few users have asked me if it was possible to use multiple sheets in Grid Iron. The short answer is yes, of course. Let's see how easy it is. Publish to web In the Publish to Web drop down menu you can select which sheets to publish. If you'd like a specific sheet, please select it here. Notice,... Read more.

MP3 music in Grid Iron

A user recently wrote in asking how to integrate MP3 music into Grid Iron. This is really easy using the HTML audio tag. Note that not all browsers may support this and they may only support specific audio formats. This example code is what you're going to put in your Google Docs cell. You will nee... Read more.

Load images into weaverPix with weaverFM

Many users may not know it, but it is possible to quickly (and easily) manage your weaverPix slideshows with weaverFM. Set up weaverFM The first step is to set up weaverFM and verify that it is working properly. You should be able to upload files with the rw_common option enabled. The rw_common op... Read more.

Stock data with Grid Iron

A RapidWeaver user recently emailed in asking how to display Stock info on their web page. After some back and forth, I realized this is already feasible with Grid Iron. Create a new Google Spreadsheet document. Share the document via the Share button in the top right. Publish the docu... Read more.

Grid Iron Review

Will posts his thoughts on my new Stack, Grid Iron. Thanks Will!... Read more.