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We've grown too big for our own mug!

Well, we have done it! We have grown too big for our own good. Oracle, a multi-national billion dollar organization, has sent us a cease and desist over the use of trademark of Java in the names Javabean Hosting and Javabean Software. As a result, we must respect their wishes and stop using these names.

Whats next?

We dont give up so easily. Our plan is pretty straightforward, we re-launch with a new name and improved site! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be detailing our transition plans for everyone. Please stay tuned!

Upgrades for all!

Lets take a moment, sit back, drink some Java and not make this a complete loss for you, our loyal end user. To turn beans into coffee (or lemons into lemonade), weve decided to take this moment to offer free upgrades for all! Great, right? How about 25% more for free! Thats right. As part of our brand relaunch, we will be giving all plans a 25% boost in disk space and bandwidth.

Overall, this isnt a complete loss. It saddens us to be losing such a sentimental name but, in the end, we will survive and continue having fun providing all of your RapidWeaver and Wordpress hosting needs.

Your barista,