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The upgrades are coming! The upgrades are coming!

It's been a long road, and we're almost there. We are almost ready to reveal (officially) our new name and give everyone those oh so sweet upgrades!

The planned upgrade date is:

Sunday, September 29, 2013 2PM EST

Since this new name will mean a new URL, let's take a moment to review the game plan.

Storage & Email

All emails, files, will be carried over. There is nothing to worry about here. One thing that is changing, however, is our name. As a result, if you use Email and SSL, you may receive a warning message about our SSL certificate. Currently, our SSL certificate is issued for our domain, The new domain, therefore, must have a new SSL certificate. Since the domain names no longer match, there may be an SSL warning issued by

If Mail issues you an SSL warning, please hit 'Ok'. Your email connection is still secure.

The following mail server addresses will continue to function as normal:

IP Address

If you're an advanced user and have set up Javabean by changing the A record for your domain, please contact me immediately. You will experience downtime! How do I know if this is me? Typically, users will update the name servers on their domain to:

This has been the recommended way to use Javabean since day 1. Please use the DNS propagation utility at to view the NS (name server) setting for your domain. If and is listed, then you're all set! You don't have to do anything.


Publishing should remain unchanged. It is recommended that you always use For example, if your site was, your server address in RapidWeaver would be If you use an IP address (like you will need to switch! The following server addresses will also continue to work:


What can we expect for downtime? Downtime is expected to be minimal. The downtime will depend on the propagation delay of the DNS changes. At most, this is 4hrs. In our experiences, however, we typically see changes in 30 minutes or less.

Will emails be lost?

No. All emails will be forwarded or retried appropriately.

Where can I follow status updates?

Status updates will be posted on Twitter at @javabeanhosting with the hash tag #status.

How do I know the upgrade is complete?

We'll be drinking a beer and send out a status update on Twitter.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding as we emerge from this less than fortunate situation. I'm sure, in the end, we'll all be better for it.

Yours truly, Greg