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Chillidogs and 350Cheesestraws make a yummy dish

I truly enjoy seeing what users are doing on Chillidog Hosting. Last week, however, I had the pleasure of not just seeing but tasting as well! 350Cheestraws is a small company from North Carolina baking these delicious cheese straws. I must admit, at first, I had no idea what a Cheesestraw was. As it turns out, theyre an incredibly fresh and wonderfully spicy cracker-like snack. At first bite, they are very similar to a Cheeze-it cracker but contain so much wonderful flavor and spice. The freshness alone will make it hard to eat that off-the-shelf boxed stuff again. These aredefinitely a must try for any snack aficionado.


I am proud to have 350Cheesestraw as one of the many sites growing and flourishing on Chillidog Hosting. If any Chillidog pack-mates would like to enjoy some cheese straws and support a fellow den-mate, please use the generous coupon code ChilliDog1 provided by the cheese straw bakers for $2 off per tin. This coupon will expire December 16, 2013.

Your top dog,


350Cheesestraw tin