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Lessons from the trenches - RAM

This is the third post in a series of blog posts that I will detail various lessons I have learned fromJavabean Hosting. Really Awesome Momentum The term RAM is thrown around pretty frequently in the computer world without knowing what it means. I've even been at an Apple Store where I've heard a... Read more.

Lessons from the trenches - Network Speed

This is the second post in a series of blog posts that I will detail various lessons I have learned fromJavabean Hosting. Zoom zoom Network speed is all about serving content as fast as possible. The faster your network, the quicker your website will load. Faster networks are also able to handle m... Read more.

Lessons from the trenches - IOWait

This is the first in a series of blog posts that I will detail various lessons I have learned from Javabean Hosting. IOIOIOIOIOIOIOWait IOWait is the measurement of time that a computer spends waiting for data to be returned by it's hard drives. In terms of web hosting, IOWait is directly proporti... Read more.

WeaverPix 3 tutorials from RapidWeaverClassroom

I am extremely excited about this. I have been waiting a long time and worked hard to draw some attention from such a high profile figure in the RapidWeaver community as RapidWeaverClassroom. Thanks Ryan!... Read more.

Automatically unblock your IP

In order to help keep everyone safe at Javabean Hosting, I have to run a tight ship. Sometimes, however, the security software will inadvertently deny access to legitimate users. To better serve you, we have implemented upgrades to make it easier to undo any blocks. Please check this knowledgebase a... Read more.

Website availability checker

Sometimes, you're unable to reach a webpage and need to know if anyone else is having this problem. Downforeveryorjustme is great, for instance, to help diagnosis if your site is down for the entire internet or just you.... Read more.

Upgrading to the room with a view to better serve you

In an effort to better serve you, Javabean Hosting will be moving off of it's current server to it's own private server. This only applies to the URL and does not affect anyone else's site. The problem Javabean Hosting runs a fairly standard suite of security rules to help keep... Read more.

We did it again with 700 more (real) trees planted

In 2012, we donated and pledged, Javabean Hosting is committed to being green. Starting in 2012, Javabean Hosting pledges to plant a tree every year for every member. No Carbon Offsets. Just real trees to make a real difference. Yet here we are again. It is 2013 and time to make good on our promis... Read more.

Brute force attack on Wordpress. CloudFlare (free) recommended

I received the following notice this morning from CloudFlare. They are currently monitoring an ongoing brute force attack against Wordpress installations. It is highly recommended that Javabean Hosting users enable CloudFlare on any site that uses Wordpress. We've been monitoring a brute force att... Read more.

Grid Iron now supports Status Board

Grid Iron has been updated to version 2.1 with support for Panic's Status Board!Please note that the Status Board links are only visible when your table is viewed on an iPad.... Read more.