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Backups and stats changes coming April 15

The changes outlined below will go into effect on April 15, 2013. Backups A few months ago, I proudly announced that Javabean will be hosting an industry leading 90 days of backups. After careful analysis, we will be making 1 minor change to this backup strategy. The amount of retention is going t... Read more.

Code (syntax) highlighting in Wordpress

As a developer, I've been searching for syntax highlighting for my blog for a long time. I've become envious over the years of various solutions such as Octopress which awesome rich snippet support. Finally, however, after search high and low, I've come across codecolorerwhich supports various theme... Read more.

Fix for 'Name or service not known' error with boto

After searching and searching, a small post found here lead me the answer for fixing my connection issues with boto. Traceback (most recent call last): File "./", line 111, in <module> bucket = conn.create_bucket(bucket_name) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/b... Read more.

Keeping your coffee safe with 2 Step Verification

My mother would constantly reminded me to "never leave you drink unattended." At Javabean Hosting, we'll help and watch your coffee for you. That is why, effective immediately, we've enabled 2 Step Verification. 2 Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a secon... Read more.

New Barista in the (coffee) house!

I am excited to announce that long time friend and fellow RapidWeaver user, Will Woodgateis joining Javabean Hosting! You may already know Will from his work. He iswell known within the RapidWeaver community for his work onThemefloodandStacks4Stacks. Will is based in the UK and will be helping de... Read more.

CoffeeDNS - CloudDNS comes to Javabean Hosting!

Over the past several months at Javabean Hosting we've been working hard to innovate and improve our products and services for our customers. In January, we started offering 90 days of backupsand today we'd like to announce the next big thing in RapidWeaver Hosting, CoffeeDNS. What is CoffeeDNS? C... Read more.

Hide images from search bots

A handy how-to from Will on hiding your images from various search bots.... Read more.

Are you paying too much for hosting?

Are you paying too much for hosting? We hear from a lot of users and are constantly surprised by the tricks that other hosts pull. A few things that we've learned about some hosts is very surprising and really grinds our gears. I would like to detail a few of them here. OVH Multiple domains.... Read more.