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Upgrading to the room with a view to better serve you

In an effort to better serve you, Javabean Hosting will be moving off of it's current server to it's own private server. This only applies to the URL and does not affect anyone else's site.

The problem

Javabean Hosting runs a fairly standard suite of security rules to help keep our users safe. These rules are, however, not perfect but we like to be cautious whenever possible with your site. As always, your safety and security is very important to us.

At times, this security software may flag individuals as 'suspicious' and pro-actively block them from the server. A user may become blocked when, for instance, there are excessive failed logins from that user's computer. To the security software, this looks like someone is trying to break into your account.A lot of the time, this is very true and, on a daily basis, we block hundreds of these attempts. However, this is not always true. As a result, legitimate users are unable to access their site, email, or the Javabean Hosting homepage.  

The solution

The solution to this problem is to move Javabean Hosting onto it's own server. This server is not tied to the same security system and will allow users to continue to access our homepage. Users will then be able to log into the billing system, view the reason for the block, and automatically remove it from the system. Users may also search for other IPs that have been blocked, determine why that IP was blocked, and remove those as well. Everyone will be back up and running in no time!

Recommended changes

There are some minor changes that will be happening to Javabean's DNS records. I will be making this transition as seamless as possible but I recommend the following:

NOTE: refers to your primary domain that points to Javabean's name servers.

  • Access your control panel by using By using your domain to access the control panel, you'll always be logged into the correct server.
  • Use for publishing. By referencing your domain within the publishing URL, you will always be redirected to the proper server. This assumes, however, that your domain currently uses Javabean's name servers. Please feel free to ask for help if you have any questions here.
  • Use or the address provided within the control panel for accessing email. Similar to reasons outlined above, the addresses provided within the control panel are the safest way to ensure you're accessing your account on the correct server.

The following changes will also be made to make sure this is completely seamless for everyone:

  • will continue to point at the current server
  • will continue to point at the current server

More details will be forthcoming about this change including a Knowledgebase article on how to resolve IP blocks. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Your barista, Greg