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Site of the Week - Mac Indie Marketing | Karelia Software

Link: Site of the Week - Mac Indie Marketing | Karelia Software The Mac Indie Marketing Blog was started by the fine folks over at Karelia software. Thegoal of the blog is simple: Provide indie developers with tips and tricks on marketing their applications. What’s it good for? It is great... Read more.

weaverPix Premier!

Link: weaverPix Premier! Sign up for the exclusive weaverPix premier! All participants will have an exclusive first look at what’s new!... Read more.

Site of the Week - Inside Pixars Leadership Scott Berkun

Link: Site of the Week - Inside Pixars Leadership Scott Berkun This is a GREAT interview with Ed Catmull, the President of Pixar. What really strikes me is Ed’s position on what it takes to prevent Pixar from being it’s own worst enemy. Ed has the notion that something is inherently... Read more.

Site of the week - Alfred

Alfred is a new contender in the Quick Launch Bar business. Although it is relatively new I like their approach to jumping to items with the command key. Maybe we will see others picking up on this as well. Features: Quickly jump to items via the Command key Fast, fresh UI Cons: Still very new.... Read more.

Site of the week -

365psd is a great site to fuel your inner muse!... Read more.

WeaverFM being "honored" on AppBodega

WeaverFM being honored on the homepage of Bodega. Very honored to sit next to Tweetie!... Read more.

weaverFM + IE8 Security settings

If you are an IE8 user and are having issues with weaverFM please check your internet security settings. The symptoms: Trying to download a file doesn’t open a new tab Trying to rename a file or folder doesn’t pop up a rename dialog Trying to delete a file or folder doesn’t displ... Read more.

WeaverFM 1.0 released with a review!

WeaverFM 1.0 is available now at Chillidog Software Marten of fame has put together a wonderful review of some of the things weaverFM has to offer. Check it out now at RapidWeaverCentral. Finally for more information on weaverFM please visit Chillidogsoftware... Read more.

Introducing RWExtrasInstaller

I have created a new open source project to automatically install all those peskyRapidWeaver Extras. What does it do? It will automatically copy weaverFM themes,Stacks, and (soon) other RapidWeaver Extras to their proper location on your computer. How do I use it? Download the latest release fro... Read more.

GeoDefense Swarm level Crazy 88

GeoDefense Swarm level Crazy 88. Yes, I know, that is sad. I managed to get to round 196 in an endless level.... Read more.