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I am proud and excited to announce that I will be joining Todd Garland @toddo and the team at @buysellads.

Who is (BSA) is a platform that connects web publishers (those who produce content) with web advertisers.

For a web publisher, in my opinion, some of the biggest benefits are:
- Manage less. Spend less time managing and finding advertisers. Spend more time producing content, growing your website’s traffic, and justifying top advertising dollar.
- Trust. A trusted third party to handle advertising dollars. No one wants to hand money to a random stranger offering to “Advertise here.” You mine as well try to sell Folex watches. Show you are serious and offer advertisers quality tools for their ads (see below).
- Control. You can manage your brand image and online identity by keeping control over what ads appears on your site. This is very different from Google Adsense and other Ad networks that run with the highest bidder.

However, for advertisers I find some of the features even more compelling:
- Trust (again?). The BSA system is designed to deliver and manage ads. You don’t have to worry about publishers removing ads early or not running them at all.
- Targeted Advertising. Hit your potential customers and only your potential customers. Got a Mac app? Great! Advertise on a website specializing in Mac related topics.
- Metrics. Who doesn’t enjoy digging into numbers every once in a while? With BSA, you can see (in real time!) how many impressions and clicks your ad is receiving. In a time of increasing cut-backs, know your return on investment (ROI) and spend wisely.

What does this mean for your RapidWeaver plugins, etc?

The good news is that it means nothing. I can and will continue to develop and support my RapidWeaver plugins and any other software that comes out of my “lab.”

The bad news, however, is that it will most likely delay support times. The reality is that my commitment to BSA is not limited to a normal 9am - 5pm timeframe. As a result, there may be times when I have to fight 5 alarm fires and put off support emails for an extra day.

But, but, but…

Fear not! This is not the end of the world. The quality of my support will not suffer. I can assure that. I will also make a focused effort to more efficiently handle support requests. This will allow me to minimize any of the delay outlined above.

Thank you for understanding and your continued support.

Your humble dev,