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One more thing.. Extra treats for all!

There is one more thing that I failed to mention when we upgraded to the power and speed of SSDs. We also increased everyone's disk space and bandwidth! That's right, we've gone ahead and added an additional 25% more 1 for free. The new plans are:

  • Cocktail 750MB storage, 7.5GB bandwidth
  • Frankfuter 1250MB storage, 12.50GB bandwidth
  • All Beef 1875MB storage, 18.75GB bandwidth
  • Grande 3000MB storage, 30GB bandwidth
  • Supreme 3750MB storage, 37.50GB bandwidth
  • Coney Island 4500MB storage, 45GB bandwidth

In our 2013 survey, additional storage was one of the most requested features by our users. We've heard your requests and are pleased to deliver both increased storage and speed at the same time. This is the second such upgrade that we've been able to pass along to our loyal users and we hope everyone is able to take full advantage of it.

Your top dog, Greg

[1]: 25% is calculated based off of original, 2011 plan values