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Improve your SEO; Quickly and Easily Sniff out broken links and images

Broken links and images hurt your seo.

Check for broken links and correct HTML.

Checking your entire site, however, can be an incredibly tedius task. Thankfully, scanning your entire site is both easy and free. Integrity is a free application on the Mac App Store that allows you to identify the Page, Link, and URL that is broken. I have recently found Integrity useful when:

  1. Domain name change. When I changed my company name, I needed to make sure that all of the links on my new site worked. Unlike my previous site, the new site is almost entirely built by hand (within RapidWeaver). This leaves more room for mistakes and makes a tool like Integrity even more valuable!

  2. Validating .htaccess redirects. I just used this tool today to identify and fix a problem with my .htaccess file. In my .htaccess file, I had some code to remove the index.php and index.html from my URLs. It seems, however, that this code did not work for my sitemap. Thanks to Integrity, I quickly fixed the issue and reduced my error count by 60!

Integrity errors on Chillidog Software before correcting .htaccess issues

Yes, I have blogged about this before. It is, however, worth mentioning again. Since my original post on the subject, Integrity's price has dropped to free and seen some great updates (and fixes). If you haven't already downloaded Integrity, I highly recommend it.

It is worth noting that Integrity has a big brother, Scrutiny too. As there is a lot more to Scrutiny, I hope to cover it in a future blog post.

Happy sniffing!

Your top dog, Greg