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Chillidog Hosting makes reboots a it's lunch

Updates are important for security, performance, and compatibility. You update often (right?!) your computer and, when complete, what do you do? You restart it. This works okay for your desktop, but what about your website?

Website downtime is a much bigger headache. You may rely on your website for your business. You may rely on it for email. Others may even rely on it for news or other important information. That's why we're stepping it up. We're minimizing our downtime as much as possible. We are taking those important updates and applying them automatically in the background without needing to restart the server! This means that Chillidog Hosting is now safer, faster, and has even less downtime.

What's the best part? These changes have been in place for two weeks. Switching over has been seamless without any reboots or downtime! Everyone has already been taking advantage of these critical infrastructure improvements without even knowing! :)

Your top dog, Greg