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Grow your web pup into a SEO hound with RapidWeaver

Meta tags are the foundation for growing any web pup into a SEO hound. Thankfully, in RapidWeaver it is super easy to get started with meta tags. Simply open the Page Inspector and start entering valid tags such as: description - A short description about the page. keywords - A comma separated lis... Read more.

WeaverPix for iOS

Wouldn't it be cool if you could instantly and easily publish your photos to your site? Well, now it is. WeaverPix for iOS is available now on iTunes. WeaverPix for iOS makes it simple and easy to enhance and publish your photos from anywhere. Additionally, WeaverPix for iOS can automatically enhan... Read more.

Easily check your SEO status

SEO is hard. It is a black art that you work hard on but have little or no feedback. There is, however, a very simple 'trick' to check some basic SEO. Open your browser and visit Google Search for For instance, I would search for These resul... Read more.

Chillidog brings the SSDs to the dog park

We're obsessed with speed and we're about to change the game for RapidWeaver users. Chillidog Hosting will become the first RapidWeaver host to utilize a 100% SSD architecture! These aren't your grandmother's SSDs either. These are some of the fastest enterprise drives available on the market. Wh... Read more.

Chillidog Watchdog Keeping you Safe from Achy Breaky (Bleeding) Hearts

This week the internet was abuzz with news of a security exploit known as Heartbleed. We will like to take a moment to provide our input into this issue and what measures we've taken to keep you safe. What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is a vulnerability in the implementation of OpenSSL. This softwa... Read more.

Home is where your index is

Have you ever looked at your site and wondered, "why aren't my changes showing up?" Well, in my experience, it can be one of two things in RapidWeaver: RapidWeaver publishing cache not republishing properly You have two index files. Today, we are going to talk about the later. We will discuss ho... Read more.

Duplicate content in RapidWeaver

We've talked about how GZip and CSS stylesheets affect the look and performance of your site. What if I told you, however, there is a sneaky little "gotcha" that, if it goes unchecked, can hurt your SEO. This "gotcha" is referred to as duplicate content. What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate conte... Read more.

Less is more. Let's talk stylesheets.

As part of Chillidog Hosting's Site Treat, we test your page and recommend limiting your page to 30 or less <style> and <link> tags. Why is this? Well, everyone's favorite browser, Internet Explorer 6 through 9 has a "bug" and does not support more than 30 on a page. What happens if I e... Read more.

Let's do the Gzip shuffle

At Chillidog Hosting, we developed a free site treat to help users build better websites. With the treat in hand, we'd like to help you implement these site improvements. Let's get to work and do the Gzip shuffle! What is GZip? Gzip is a compression technology much like the .zip files you use ever... Read more.

Boo! We're now powered by Ghost

I have switched my blog from Wordpress to Ghost. It wasn't the easiest but it wasn't terribly difficult either. I used the free Wordpress plugin to do most of the work. The only time consuming portion was the media. I had to manually migrate all of my images over. Since I don't have many posts, this... Read more.