404 Ads - One more reason for better hosting

Do you want or need another reason to ditch your cheap big box host? Check out the screenshot below of a user's 404 page. I have blurred out the user's site and the offending company.

Ads on a Parked domain. A lot of cheap shared hosts put ads on user's Parked Domain and 404 pages. It's partly why they're so cheap!

Notice anything? The entire page is filled with Ads! Your cheap host is selling your domain to park ads on it and make money. Money that you will never see. A lot of these hosts do this on user's 404 pages and Parked Domain pages. Don't let this happen to you. Don't let this practice continue to be acceptable. I find this practice incredibly sleazy. JavabeanHosting will never, ever treat users like this. We have more respect for our users than that.

Gregory Barchard

I am a developer and long time RapidWeaver user who has an undiagnosed addiction to delicious coffee and tea.


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